" D E R R I E R E   L E S   T E R R E S "

 Bed  and  Breakfast 

We didn't inherit the Earth from our parents; we've borrowed it from our children

Our desire is to discover the natural delights of our area, to respect and appreciate them while taking full advantage of the simple but healthy ressources that nature has generously bestowed upon us since the dawn of time...

 our reserve of jams

Putting this into practice, at breakfast we will tempt you with a wide range of home-made jams, made from the fresh fruit harvested in the environing countryside (dandelion flowers, cornel, sloe, mulberry, blueberries...)

 different jams and marmelades


... and we would love to share with you our secret recipes prepared with wild garlic, larch, elderberries... 

  After an expedition into our beautiful area, you are welcome to gather additional information about our fauna & flora by browsing in our exhaustive library (for guests only), or simply rest in our garden.





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